Jet Set Joce | Bienvenidos a Colombia!
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24 Jan Bienvenidos a Colombia!

New Years 2017 was spent in beautiful Cartagena Colombia!

I highly suggest visiting Cartagena if you are looking for a new beach location to explore.

Make sure to stay inside the walls of Old Town and to take a boat out to Rosario Islands during the day!

A lot of people asked me about the safety of the city, and I have to say that I felt completely safe the entire time. Inside the walls of old town is very safe.

I flew JetBlue direct from NYC into Colombia.

I used Oasis Collection to book a villa, and below is the link to the villa I stayed at…



pink bikini – Rococo SandIMG_1267

Multicolor dress – CamillaIMG_1421

Red one piece suit – KhongboonIMG_1423 IMG_1476 IMG_1875

Grey suit – Issa de’ marIMG_1935 IMG_2069 IMG_2107  IMG_2198

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