Jet Set Joce | Happy birthday to ME
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16 May Happy birthday to ME


Today is my birthday!! Weeeeee! I love birthdays! I think that’s just because I LOVE celebrating! 

I worked today in Pittsburgh with my American Eagle team. I wasn’t upset to have to work on my birthday, because I was doing what I love, and getting paid! Haaaaay! Plus they surprised me with this adorable cookie cake platter. 🙂

Now, I am in the airport. I’m going to Las Vegas to meet some friends and continue the party! We are meeting for the Rock n Rio festival on Las Vegas strip. Rock n Rio is originally a festival from Brazil, and this is the first year it is in Vegas. There is two weekends (last weekend, and this weekend) Last weekend was rock, and this weekend is pop! Taylor swift and Bruno Mars are headlining this weekend. Can’t wait to watch them! 


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